Our Resident Horse Trainers

Committed to Horse Safety and Health
Dr. Maria Katsamanis

Dr. Maria Katsamanis

Dr. Maria Katsamanis is one of our resident horse trainers at Amwell Ridge Farm. She has received worldwide recognition as a horse trainer, clinician, exhibition rider, and author. Dr. Katsamanis has worked with many different breeds and has also had the privilege of training the rare Marwari horses of India.   She has participated as a display rider in Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee at Windsor Castle. Dr. Katsamanis is co-author of “The Alchemy of Lightness” (Trafalgar Square Publishing, 2013) that introduces the concept of molecular equitation to the equestrian community. She writes prolifically and is also a regular columnist in the journal, “Warmbloods Today.” She has also founded the non-profit organization, The Pegasus Foundation, www.thepegasusfoundation.org and continues to maintain an appointment as a Clinical Assistant Professor at Rutgers Medical School.  She holds a doctoral degree in clinical psychology.  With a formal education as a clinical scientist she is able to help demystify and explain elements of this formula where magic seemingly occurs, that are key in helping us establish the ultimate connection with our horses. Her explanations of the barriers and myths that block the path between horse and rider frees them making the dance accessible to anyone regardless of age or breed. Her commitment to the classical tradition is longstanding and she continues to perfect her art.


Jean Paul Murat

Jean Paul “JP” Murat is our other resident horse trainer and is a graduate of the French National School in Saumur, France. He has over 35 years experience specializing in competing and teaching around jumping and eventing. He has taken many students to A-rated major shows in the East coast show circuit. Murat’s philosophy appreciates correct flatwork to enhance the horse’s physical and mental wellness in their jumping.

Both instructors work with riders in every discipline and with different breeds, all with identical objectives in mind- the physical and mental wellness of the horse. Both Maria and Jean-Paul have a shared commitment to the welfare of the horse and are open to meet different budgets for individuals looking for instruction and training.